To reduce 2020 to a fluke and seek hope in its incrementation would be a mistake I believe. What we've witnessed this year has been a global health pandemic brutally catalyzing a global economic pandemic. Diseases, germs, viruses and plagues have been and always will be around but Capitalists are a recent invention that has not even experienced early success, unless you use the Imperial System to measure it I suppose.

The temptation to intricately analyze each symptom is strong but ultimately not the most productive. Establishing a system of prioritization and tackling issues delibrately is not a new concept either but one that manages to impressively elude "government". Fortunately we can unsubscribe! Not completely and all at once, though that would be awesome, but methodically and with intention. My new years resolution is to lean in to unsubscribing from the extravaganza and contribute to building more paths that enable fellow comrades to do the same.

I resolve to revolve. Let us revolute with our resolutes!

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