kiln(1) has an option to export your Gemini content to HTML which makes it pretty great as a super minimal static site generator for Gemini and HTML however as the Gemini enthusiast will likely know, HTML sucks. This week I put together a small repository in the hopes to bridge the gap between these two protocols in an agreeable way. I call it gmi-web!

I highly recommend at least starting with gmi.css if you're going to be publishing HTML content. It utilizes CSS variables for the adjustable bits like font-family and foreground/background colors and uses an rem based layout so your text will render predictably on all the browsers.

gmi.css (view via HTTP for a live example)

Optionally this can be extended with gmi.js which you can read about here if you'd like!


Any and all feedback is appreciated! The code is CC0 and available on sourcehut

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