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At least among the various feeds that I am tapped into the common theme this year around Martin Luther King Jr. was that his legacy has been whitewashed by neoliberalism. On one hand this is terribly true and on the other maybe we're slowly reaching critical mass on this understanding? We continue his fight against hegemony still and with perhaps more urgency than ever before.

My little cousin and his girlfriend had the day off and invited us over to smoke. I am not inclined to attempt to capture what this meant to me here but I will note that the McDonald's ice cream machine has a 4-hour automated cleaning cycle and as my cousin so eloquently put it, "people like you are why people like me fucking hate our jobs". Have you ever seen a collection of shatter that could rival some Pokémon decks? Me either until then. Love that kid.

Things have finally stabilized for me at $DAYJOB and so I was able to spend a day this week on a whim project that sprung out of the desire to have a nice stock of desktop backgrounds. Since ~2012 I have enjoyed the services of but I noticed there was not anyway to download all of their offering at once so I scraped 'em!

It took me few hours but from conception to implementation I was very happy with what I hacked together! I'll make the zip file I have generated available here for now but I make no guarantees as to its longevity, enjoy!

Something I'll likely write (maybe a lot) about later is I run my own email server now! I've also started using Delta Chat which is an intriguing reskin of email to be like Signal, WhatsApp or Telegram. This week Signal was down for a whole day and WhatsApp's recent privacy policy updates have users fleeing to alternatives. It's a tumultuous time in the chat app world but the proven reliability and often undiscussed power of decentralization that email provides is hard to beat. I'm still new to the app but conceptually it checks out, I would love to get more use out of it so if you're feeling bold shoot me a message!


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