I could sense I had this very itch to scratch when I was looking into setting up my screeps colony and I'm very pleased that I can take care of the urge casually. I've never played any of the games in the franchise so it's been also fun to learn-- learning fun things is fun as it turns out!

If you're unfamiliar with Sid Meier's Civilization VI, you play on a map of hexagonal tiles with various resources and types with a few other discoverable Civilizations who will have different attitudes about you based on their AI generated agendas. You can engage the map with many different strategies however there are four paths to a victory: Scientific, Cultural, Religious and Domination. In my first match I was the Montezuma empire and I bumped into Teddy Roosevelt right away. He sent me gifts, said thanks for keeping the peace after I handled some barbarians, told me my military looked weak and then declared a surprise war on me because he didn't like the way I enforced peace. Needless to say I expected nothing less than getting America'd the second we made contact.

Was extra fun and super helpful with learning to hang out with a friend this weekend and play together. Something I dub The Skate Park Effect. One can practice a kick flip, alone, for many months and struggle greatly but if you go to the skate park you'll learn it in less than a week. This is nothing new though mentorship has always been a great tool! Anyway we defeated America together >:)

My journey has lead me to favor Ghandi at the moment and I'm currently in the middle of a game where I think my chances at spreading Buddhism all over the world are likely, though I face a pretty fierce aggression from Australian Hindus who just settled on my content. A religious war is imminent, fortunately China and Persia are on my side.

Back to the $DAYJOB grind for a bit, got some other computer projects brewing in my notes but for now I'm conserving my energy to type. Wish me luck in my Civilization immersions and also if you play and have any fun stories, I'd read 'em! :)

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